Food 2 You

Hillsboro Launches Food 2 You Program

Grocery shopping for Hillsboro’s medically fragile and older citizens just got a little bit easier. On April 7, 2020 the City of Hillsboro launched it’s Food 2 You program, in partnership with St. Vincent De Paul and The Salvation Army of Hillsboro.

Mayor Steve Callaway noted, “People need to eat, and if there’s no way for people to get to the food, then we have to get the food to the people. How our community has traditionally provided food to those in need works for some, but during this COVID-19 public health crisis, it doesn’t work for everyone. We are bringing creative solutions to an unprecedented situation. We want people to stay home and stay healthy, to not risk their lives.”

City of Hillsboro employees are at the forefront of this project. From spreading the word, to taking orders on the phone, to delivering boxes of food, they are stepping up to help the City disperse food to those in need.

Contact information

The Food 2 You program is intended to serve Hillsboro residents that are medically fragile, or older individuals unable to leave their home due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Food recipients must live in the city of Hillsboro, but the only qualifications or questions they will be asked is their name, address, and phone number.

Orders for the Food 2 You program are taken over the phone every Tuesday and Wednesday, with deliveries taking place the day after the order is placed, on either Wednesday or Thursday. The phones are not active any other time. Orders or requests can be made by calling 503-681-5090.

The requested food, depending on availability, may be enough to last for several days for a smaller family. The food boxes will be left outside of the door in order to maintain social distancing. Due to some items being perishable, part of the requirement is that the recipient is at home to receive the box. Families are encouraged to share any items that may be leftover.

According to the City Council update video, there has been good response to the program since it launched a few days ago. How is your community helping those who need help accessing food and other items during this season?