Washington County Mask Drop-Off

Currently the use of face masks are not required when going out, though it has been heavily recommended in recent days. Many people across the state have taken to looking for patterns online in order to sew their own masks, or watch online tutorials on what may be used to create a no-sew mask. For myself, I was able to obtain a face mask from a member of my HOA who was graciously making masks and offering them up to people who live in our neighborhood. Yet what of the residents or health care workers in Washington County who don’t have access to either fabric, a sewing machine, or a friendly neighbor making them?

It was announced today that Sonrise Church, located off of Campus Way in Hillsboro, will be serving as Washington County’s mask distribution center.

For anyone looking to make and donate masks, you may drop them off Monday through Thursdays between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM in the Sonrise Lobby. Sonrise will then be able to give out the masks as requests come in. For any questions regarding mask donations, you can reach Sonrise at 503-640-2449.