Hillsboro Moves Forward With Block 67 Project

If you talk to any long-term Hillsboro resident (like me), you will hear the “I remember when” stories of what the space between 6th and 7th Avenues, Baseline and Washington Streets once was. For me, it was the local Hanks, a grocery store that my mom frequented as a child. Sometime in my early teens, the Hanks closed, and the spot has remained empty all these years.

When the proposal for that area, now known as Block 67 came around, I was excited. It seemed such a shame for such a good piece of real estate to sit empty, when there are so many ways that it could serve the community. After a wait, it has finally been announced that the Block 67 project is moving forward.

What exactly is the Block 67 project? It is a proposal that would develop the aforementioned property into a mixed use block that would include housing, a plaza, retail space, and medical offices. The proposal already has some project partners, including: Mamancy Tea, Centro Cultural, Beyond the Wall Climbing, and Fresh Foods.

The City of Hillsboro is currently negotiating with real estate developer, Rembold, a Portland-based woman-lead real estate developer. They are also in partnership with Related Northwest.

What types of businesses would you like to see on Block 67?