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Will In-N-Out Burger Come to Beaverton?

Portland Metro Area residents rejoice! Almost one year ago we were anxiously awaiting the grand opening of In-N-Out’s Keizer location, the second In-N-Out to be built in Oregon. Sure, it was still a 45-minute drive to get a taste of one of the most popular burgers in the country, but we were ready to make that commitment. Now, we may get a shot at having an even shorter commute for animal fries.

For awhile the rumor mill was pushing out information regarding In-N-Out scouting out more locations in Oregon. Cities such as Hillsboro,  Tualatin, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Beaverton, and Vancouver, Washington were in the mix, two of which seemed to get the most traction: Beaverton and Tualatin. While there has been no confirmation that In-N-Out is looking to develop in Tualatin, a proposal has been submitted by them for Beaverton.

According to the proposal that In-N-Out submitted to the Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation, In-N-Out is seeking to build a 3,879 sf restaurant complete with a drive thru and outdoor seating area over at 10565 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. For those not familiar with that location, it is close to 217 and across from the Uwajimaya Asian Supermarket.

Now, while you may think that letting In-N-Out demolish the current Hawaiian Time restaurant to build this highly desired restaurant is a no-brainer, there actually is community anxiety over it, primarily for one reason. Traffic. If you have ever ventured out to the Keizer location you will notice two things. One, the line is really really long. So long that it goes out into the other businesses, weaving its way, sometimes hard to know exactly where it is….because the cones that denote the lines are just that far away. The second thing you will notice is that even a year after its opening, wait time still can be up to two hours long in the line for In-N-Out. That isn’t a typo. Two hours. People are willing to submit to the high wait times, because this is the only close location for this restaurant.

Naturally, Beaverton residents are highly concerned. Uwajimaya, along with Chick-Fil-A, Target, and Home Depot. already generate quite a bit of traffic to the area. If In-N-Out were to be added, knowing what the current wait times in Keizer are, how many more people would that bring? What would the congestion look like, especially around rush hour? 217 is already gridlocked at that time of day. How much worse would that get?

On December 28th, there will be a virtual neighborhood meeting for anyone wanting to attend. This meeting, originally scheduled for December 22nd, is to gain community feedback. If you are interested in sharing your opinion or listening in, make sure you have Zoom downloaded, and use the Meeting ID: 834-0465-2990. Over Zoom? You can also dial into the meeting by calling: 1-877-853-5257.

What are your thoughts about In-N-Out potentially expanding to Beaverton? Are you excited for more options and a shorter drive? Ambivalent as to whether it comes or not because you don’t like the food? Or are you concerned that this may bring too much congestion to Beaverton?